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Committed to automotive history. 

We advise and accompany our clients in all matters relating to their automotive treasures: Restoration, law, financing, taxes, appraisals as well as purchase and sale. 


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We are committed to promoting the heritage, enjoyment and preservation of Classic Cars in a rapidly changing world. 


The service portfolio of Protaminex-Classic

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Our goal is to provide services and products related to classic cars.

As lovers of classic vehicles, we have made this passion a cornerstone of our service portfolio. With a broad-based, international network, we are able to provide our clients with the best possible support in all facets relating to automotive rarities.

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Seit dem 1. August 2021 ist Protaminex als
Classic Data verantwortlich für den 
Schweizer Markt.

Wir freuen uns über diese Partnerschaft, da Classic Data europaweit führend im Hinblick auf Marktbeobachtung und Gutachten für Young- & Oldtimer ist und bislang in der Schweiz noch nicht vertreten war.

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